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Today is Dec 13, 2018
Jenny Liu 刘俐妤
Senior Marketing Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R027160A
Call (+65) 9777 2299 - (+65) 9787 0649
Welcome to My Website

I started my first job as a salesman when I was 19yrs old. Since then, all my working life was involve in dealing with negotiating, convincing, analyzing, understanding. To the extend, I will do my research in order to close the sale.

Over the past years of experience working as a sales person, help me realize of how to make sales happen, create the right attitude and my motto is
"Your Interest is My Priority" 
to achieve my clients' expectation.

Even though I do not have a degree or diploma but with past exposure and experience including my clients' testimonial, I'm sure I can assist sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants to source out or promote property with good pricing.

Adding to my credibility, the company that I'm working - ERA Realty Network P/ L, which most Singaporeans and foreigners will know my company well. Basically the company have the most real estate agents working in Singapore which enable me to reach out to most of my peers on advertising or sourcing for property.  Furthermore, ERA is one of the top leading real estate company with strict commitment to satisfy every clients which enhance me to work even better and harder for my clients. 

To achieve today's fast
moving market, I've marketing tools and property information such as
-Property Guru
-ST Property
-Square Foot
The application enable all my clients to have clearer information and better understanding of the property they are looking for.

Lastly my husband is working as real estate agent too and we work hand in hand. If you enlist my service, it's like 2 real estate agents working for you when you're paying for 1 person. 

Hopefully my resume stated above, can show you that I'm reliable and good to meet your needs. Am I the one you're looking for!

Do give me a call/ msg / what's apps at 
9787 0649 or 
email me at
if you intend to 
-sell your property
-buy your dream home
-rent out your premises
-looking for places to rent
in every district of Singapore. 

Thank you and God bless.

Featured Properties
For Sale

HDB Apartment

679B Jurong West Central 1

Jurong West Central 1

S$ 538,000

Starting from

For Sale

HDB Apartment

25B Jalan Membina

Jalan Membina

S$ 838,000


For Sale

HDB Apartment

528 Bedok North Street 3

Bedok North Street 3

S$ 308,000


For Sale

Conservation House

Emerald Hill Conservation Area

Emerald Hill Road

S$ 9,000,000

Starting from

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